Helping Widowed Women Navigate Their Finances

Feeling overwhelmed by the financial decisions you face? III Financial is your trusted guide to help you feel financially stable again.

Working with III Financial

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You deserve to feel confident and in control of your financial situation.

Let's make sure you understand everything you need to do, and get the help you need to get everything done.

Managing Investments

What’s a Beneficiary IRA? How can you create enough income? Can you simplify your accounts? Let's put together a clear list of steps.

Evaluating Insurance

What’s the right thing to do with life insurance proceeds? What about your health insurance or Medicare options? Deciphering the insurance world without getting “sold” is possible.

Cash Flow

How do you replace your spouse’s income? Can you get Social Security survivor benefits? What’s a reasonable monthly budget? Let me guide you through the financial chaos.

How would it feel to…

  • Receive unbiased advice and explanations of your options
  • Include trusted family members or friends by your side if you wish
  • Focus on yourself, with your financial guide a call or email away
  • Know you won’t be pressured to purchase any products
  • Simplify your finances whenever reasonable
  • Be treated with the care I feel my own widowed mother deserves

The III Financial Difference

By focusing on the recently widowed, III Financial provides you with an experience tailored to your unique financial situation. Working with III Financial gives you:

  • A proven Widow Financial Triage℠ process to prioritize the steps needed to be taken
  • Flexible meeting locations, without the stuffy waiting rooms, long drives to an office, or parking difficulties
  • A high level of attention, encouragement, and accountability to help guide you through change

You might be a great fit if:

    • You do not seek out unnecessary financial risks (occasional Vegas trips may be OK)
    • You want educated guidance, not just validation of your decisions
    • You regularly spend less than you bring in
    • Your self-esteem is not tied to your account balances
    • You need more help than basic budgeting and expense management
    • You are not in need of debt management / credit counseling

A little about the bald guy

My name is Elliott Weir, the owner of III Financial. I’ve been working with clients like you since 2004. Come to think of it, it has been longer – before I officially started as a financial planner! Let me explain…

I started my career as a technology geek, having earned a Computer Science degree from Southern Methodist University (Go Ponies!). Once I graduated I secured a great job with Ernst & Young LLP as a technology consultant to Fortune 500 companies.

Then on August 20th, 1997 my life changed forever.
After a brief battle with cancer, my father passed away at the age of 50. I suddenly found myself helping my mother with insurance, investments, attorneys, CPAs, and more, because my father was the one in charge of these things for the family.

Weir Family – Summer 2024

The reason I share this with you -

This formative event explains a lot about who I am, about III Financial, and about what you can expect from me. I choose to work with widowed women because I want to have a meaningful and direct impact on their lives, as I did for my mother.

It took me years to piece it all together into my true calling. In that time, I continued with Ernst & Young, left to earn my Master in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Texas’ McCombs School of Business, and spent a short while at IBM Tivoli. Then the light bulb went off and I became a financial adviser in 2004.

We should get started

Now is the time to bring on a guide to navigate your new financial reality. Getting help is no longer a luxury but a necessity. By getting started now, I can help you:

  • Avoid missing deadlines that could have costly penalties
  • Keep as many options open as possible
  • Begin to lift the psychological weight of uncertainty

Let's Put You Back In Control!