A $10 Way To Protect Your Identity

protect identity thumbprint

Don’t always have access to a shredder? Want to get through your mail faster?

This is a short and sweet post. Here’s a (non-sponsored) plug for a tool I bought in September. It requires no power and only a tiny amount of space, but it just might protect your identity.

Keep Rolling

After reading about this device, I decided to spend a whole $10.99 at Amazon on a Miseyo Wide Confidential Roller Stamp. (I make no money from this link).

This self-inking roller covers a 1.5″ wide area with a pattern that completely blocks out what is printed on the page. For documents with just a bit of confidential information (think credit card offers, mortgage refinance offers, and documents with account numbers or other non-public identifying information), you can un-cap this little guy, make a quick pass, and toss the document in the trash.

I still recommend owning a good cross-cut shredder for shredding important documents. However, having something like this handy could improve your defenses against identity theft and prevent some big headaches.

Happy rolling!