3 Don’t Miss Articles – November 2019


As always, lots of information flying by us this month. Here are the three articles that you shouldn’t miss!


Troubles keep mounting for Fisher Investments as losses in pension assets hit $1.3 billion – The finance world may be having its #MeToo moment. Ken Fisher, a polarizing figure in the investment world (full disclosure: not a fan), has lost over $1.3 billion in accounts in the past few weeks because of comments made at a conference. This has been huge news in my industry news feeds, and I’m glad to see more attention being focused on some of the “good ol’ boy” networks in finance.

Article Rating: 🤐💸🙋‍♀️


Romance scams are on the rise across the U.S. – As if widows needed any more challenges, now “romance scams” increasingly target them. Do your research on anyone you meet on-line – the article has some good tips. A good financial adviser should be asking questions about this type of money activity, too!

Article Rating: 💌⚠🦹‍♂️


Medicare open enrollment is underway. Here’s what’s new and what to watch out for – Every October 15 – December 7th, you have the chance to change the Medicare Part D plan that covers your prescription medications. You should look into it each year because medical formularies (the list of drugs they cover and at what cost) can change, available plans can change, and the medications you take can change.

Article Rating: 🩺💊💲


I hope you enjoyed the articles!