III Financial serves each client with empathy, proactivity, and accountability - few advisors offer this level of high-touch service.

True financial planning is not about delivering a confusing, huge printed book that gets stale almost immediately. Instead, III Financial offers a specialized, iterative experience for the unique problems faced by widowed women.

III Financial will remain a small boutique firm. The firm’s goal is to give you the time and attention needed to create better outcomes.

Everyone’s Welcome

It is OK if you feel vulnerable and want an additional pair of eyes on our work. I welcome trusted children, siblings, or friend in our meetings. I also provide emailed summaries of meetings that can be forwarded and filed for reference.

Virtual Meetings

No stuffy waiting rooms, long drives, or parking difficulties. Meetings are by phone, by videoconference, or at a location convenient to you (in Austin, TX). Video calls also allow family member(s) in other locations to participate and listen!

Prompt Responses

Every call, text, and email receives a prompt response directly from me within 1 business day. No gatekeepers or junior advisors stand between us!

Comfort and Clarity

No fancy suits and ties and confusing jargon to try and impress you. Our meetings are casual, caring, and clear. It's about bringing financial control to one client at a time.


You don't go to your primary doctor for a heart attack. Why work with a firm that tries to do everything for everyone? III Financial developed the Widow Financial Triage℠ service for the recently widowed. You need more than an investment portfolio and a one-time financial plan!

Straightforward Fees

Fixed fees can be set based on the complexity of your situation, not the dollars in your account. No meter running with hourly charges. It eliminates any incentive to suggest anything but the best solution for you.

Hear more from Elliott about III Financial in this 2021 interview with Astronomic Network!

III Financial Service Plans

Every III Financial client gets on-going advice on all of their investment accounts. You’ll have 24×7 on-line access to view your investments, held at a third-party company (referred to as a custodian). Strategies to reduce the taxes you owe will be used whenever possible.

Gold Plan – Fundamental Planning

The Gold Plan covers common financial planning needs, including:

  • Evaluating the risks you face*. Whether it be the loss of your ability to make money or the loss of your own life, unexpected life events can cause major financial hardship. Medical needs, whether short-term or long-term in nature, can drain a lifetime of savings. We will go over risks you can get rid of and make sure you are not overinsured nor underinsured.
  • Answering some sophisticated investment questions. What do you do with an IRA that you inherited? When do you have to take money out of it and how much? Also, how do you figure out what to do with stock options given to you or a loved one?
  • Maximizing your income. How do you get the most out of your (and possibly former spouse’s) Social Security benefit? How do you effectively create the income you need? How much can you safely spend without too much risk of running out of money?

* I do not sell insurance nor practice law; we will work with other trusted professionals as needed.

Platinum Plan – Advanced Planning

The Platinum Plan builds on the Gold Plan and covers even more complicated financial planning questions, including:

  • Handling trust accounts (either your own or inherited ones);
  • Gifting money in ways that most benefit you and those receiving the gift;
  • Saving more money in taxes for those with enough assets to justify the use of certain strategies;
  • Utilizing more sophisticated ways to C.Y.A. (cover your assets, of course).

What are III Financial’s Fees?

Working with III Financial, you pay level, fixed fees based on the complexity of your situation.

The design of III Financial allows me to offer advice at rates that are 20%, 30% or even 50% less than asset-based fees!

I only accept clients with financial situations where I can add significant value. If we talk and I don’t see that, I’ll tell you AND help you find a professional who can help you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the company called III Financial?

III Financial (pronounced “Three Financial”) comes from a couple of different places. The obvious one is a personal one – I’m named after my dad Elliott Weir, Jr., which makes me a “third”.

The other reason is because of a writing concept called the “Rule of Three“. It suggests that things presented in threes are more satisfying or effective than when presented in other numbers. The Latin phrase, “omne trium perfectum” (everything that comes in threes is perfect) conveys the same idea. When reading through this website, see how many times concepts or ideas are presented in groups of three – it just makes things clearer!

Why don’t you have a big fancy office?

By working with a limited number of clients, a physical office is an unnecessary waste for my firm. Why should I create high overhead costs only to give you the “luxury” of wasting time in traffic to meet? Instead, we can meet where it is convenient to you, and even via teleconferencing if you want!

With whom is III Financial, LLC registered?

III Financial, LLC is a registered investment advisor (RIA) with the state of Texas Securities Board. I can take on new clients residing anywhere in the United States.

Do you work with CPAs and attorneys?

In order to fully address the client’s financial needs, I often identify areas that should be addressed by other professionals such as a CPA or attorney. I am more than happy to provide referrals to clients when assistance is needed.

I do not require my clients to work with specific professionals, especially if there is an existing relationship. In those instances, I will contact the other professionals (with your permission) to establish a dialogue with them.

I do not accept nor pay any referral fees to the professionals I recommend – it is based solely on my confidence in them to provide quality service to you.

What's your investment philosophy?

There are a lot of different ideas on the “right way” to invest money for the future. Over the years I’ve studied active investing vs. passive investing, investing in the USA versus abroad, investment techniques of the Ivy League endowments, and countless other strategies and theories. Though managing investments can be complicated, there are a few key tenets that I incorporate into the portfolios I manage:

  • Stock market forecasts, “hot stock tips”, and other predictions serve no purpose to a prudent investor.
  • Portfolios should be designed using proven evidence on how markets behave, allowing the markets to work for you.
  • Investment expenses should be minimized to keep more money in the investor’s pocket (but “cheapest” is not always best!)
  • Helping investors stay disciplined in the face of fear and greed adds significant value.

Is my money safe with you?

III Financial does not take custody of your funds. They are held at custodians who are insured by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). All of your assets are held in your name or in entities you created (i.e. trusts). Neither the custodian nor III Financial can distribute money from your accounts without your permission and knowledge. Please note that your investments can and will fluctuate in value based on the investments made.

Are you a fiduciary?

The media has put the spotlight on the value of having your adviser be a “fiduciary” – the legal and ethical obligation to put your interests first. For some companies, the new Department of Labor rules have required significant changes to their business practices, compensation, and relationships with their clients.

Adhering to this higher fiduciary standard is nothing new for me – I have always had this high standard in place for all of my clients.

This means that my sole focus is on your financial needs and goals, and how I can best help you reach them.

Can I call and ask questions?

Absolutely! Since I don’t charge by the hour, you should feel free to call, email, or text me.

Will I get help opening new investment accounts?

Filling out new account paperwork can be tedious and confusing. I’ll gather the needed information from you, complete the account forms, and send them to you for your review and signature.

Can I see what my accounts are invested in?

You will have a login that provides 24×7 client access. You can see your investments, the balances, download statements, set up paperless delivery, and much more!

Do you do tax returns?

No. I provide investment-related tax advice, but I’m not a CPA. I will work closely with your CPA (or provide introductions to one if needed) to make sure they have all the information they need and to brainstorm creative tax strategies.

Do you create or modify estate-planning documents?

You want a qualified estate planning attorney handling that work, and I am not one. I will work closely with your attorney (or provide introductions to one if needed) and even attend meetings with them to help you translate your wishes into legalese.