3 Don’t Miss Articles – August 2019


As always, lots of information flying by us this month. Here are the three articles that you shouldn’t miss!


Worried about your financial future? This selfie could help turn things around – It’s hard to visualize yourself in 10, 20, or 30 years. Enter apps like FaceApp (yep, that one), Oldify and AgingBooth. For some people, seeing a future version of themselves makes saving for long-term goals easier. And if nothing else, you can creep out your friends!

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Savings or loan: which should you turn to when hit with an unexpected expense – It’s best to have an emergency cash fund to pay for unexpected bills. That way, you can borrow from yourself and pay yourself back. But if you have to tap into other savings or take out a loan, you need to understand the long-term costs!

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What Facebook’s $5 billion fine means for you — and your privacy – This news is a mixed bag. Yes, the $5B fine is huge and in theory should motivate Facebook to do better. But given their past track record, you can put me in the unconvinced category. There’s a new documentary on Netflix related to this called The Great Hack. I haven’t seen it yet but it sounds scary and interesting!

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I hope you enjoyed the articles!