3 Don’t Miss Articles – July 2019


As always, lots of information flying by us this month. Here are the three articles that you shouldn’t miss!


This is the most regrettable college major in America – It should come as no surprise that the #1 regret that people expressed in a recent survey about their college experience was student loans. After all, the average student who graduates with debt now owes about $30,000. But what about college major regrets? Hint: STEM good, English and History – not so much.

Article Rating: 🎓💲😭💻


An X-rated wine? This California label goes the risqué route – As an aside, I think the name “Sexual Chocolate” is more PG-rated than “X”. But it’s an amusing article about one winemaker’s irreverent branding. I can say it works: my family purchased a bottle of this wine to have with steaks while on vacation last year and it was good! (we bought another bottle this year, same restaurant, same yummy steaks).

Article Rating: 🍷😊💰


Here’s what investors would do to never have to manage their personal finances again – Would you give up social media if you never had to deal with personal finances again? 41% would, according to a new survey. And 25% would move back in with their parents! (no thanks, Mom). Gratuitous plug – working with a financial planner can relieve you of some worries and burdens that this chore creates!

Article Rating: 💳😠🚫


I hope you enjoyed the articles!

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