3 Don’t Miss Articles – June 2019


As always, lots of information flying by us this month. Here are the three articles that you shouldn’t miss!


Late singer Aretha Franklin allegedly wrote three wills, but they may not be valid – The Queen of Soul, who’s estate is valued at $80 million, had 3 handwritten wills found in her Detroit home. Even if you don’t have millions of dollars, handwritten wills are risky. You could leave out critical language, accidentally disinherit someone, or create confusion among your heirs. In most cases, getting a will done professionally is worth every penny!

Article Rating: 😲🤦‍♂️😤


For women, relying on your husband as role model for money could be trouble – There is nothing wrong with the “divide and conquer” approach to a marriage (that’s how mine works). But women need to know what’s going on with their finances, in case they someday need to be in control. Women often face different challenges, including longer life spans, breaks from the workforce, and the care of parents.

Article Rating: 💲👩❗


Robocall scammers are getting sneakier — here’s how to stop them – Most of us get annoyed with robocalls (I literally just got one). You get them on your mobile phone, and if you have a landline you get them there as well. The article has some helpful tips on how to block them (we have used Nomorobo for years and love it).

Article Rating: 📞😠🛑


I hope you enjoyed the articles!

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