any widowed women need more than investment advice from their financial advisor. You might be shocked at how few advisors (even their current one) offer help on all of the financial decisions they face. Only a trusted friend or family member can motivate them to explore their options and learn what is truly possible.


You should feel good about making the introduction, not hesitant or concerned. This is you saying to your friend or family member, “I just want to make sure you’re getting the best care for you”.


The people you introduce to me will NOT be hassled. Some will decide to become clients. Some will decide to keep in touch. Some are happy with their current situation and have no need for my advice. All are acceptable outcomes!


o need to guess how much money they have or whether they already work with a financial professional. If they are recently widowed, we need to connect. Even if they don’t work with me, they will gain actionable information.


Many of my clients feel overwhelmed with the world of finance and how to navigate it. They want a guide – someone to point out what to watch out for and what to ignore, provide opportunities to do better, offer pleasant accountability, and help get organized and educated.


You know these women through your social media accounts, from your phone’s contact list, listed on your Christmas card list, and from your community activities.


My promise to you: if I am not the right advisor for them, I will tell them AND introduce them to a trusted advisor that is a better fit.


hen most people make a referral, they simply give my name and number out, hoping they will call me. This almost never results in a connection.


If I only get a name and phone number, my calls are never returned. Emailing them out of the blue rarely gets a response. I don’t blame them – I’m a stranger to them.


A simple email from you to them can change that, and you don’t even have to write it from scratch. I’ve provided a sample email below. You just need to edit the email to fit your voice and then send. Please cc: me so I can personally connect with your introductions.


Don’t worry about trying to “sell” what I do (that’s way too hard!) – the goal is simply to establish that you trust me and you feel they need to connect with me.

Subject: You might find my friend’s advice helpful

Recently I spoke with a friend of mine, Elliott Weir. He has his own business working with widowed women, helping them navigate their finances. Based on what I know about Elliott, you don’t have to worry about a sales pitch or feeling obligated if you’re not interested.

Anyway, he agreed to provide people I know some useful feedback, no strings attached. I don’t know the details of your situation, but I really think you ought to check out his website I also copied him on this email so you can respond to him this way as well.

I hope you’ll give this some thoughtful consideration!

Best wishes –


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