Parting Thoughts for 2018

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Today’s post is a little different. Most posts aim to pass on useful information or make your life better.

Instead, here’s what’s bouncing around in my head as we wrap up this crazy year.

On The Markets

I hope by now you internalized the “it’s gonna be OK” mantra I have written about when the market drops. When we experience losses, it makes for GREAT headlines and gets a lot of clicks. People panic and sell. They read “it’s different” this time. Then the market recovers and those that held tight come out ahead.

I don’t worry about the market’s short term movements. Don’t get me wrong – I HATE seeing negative returns and lower balances in my client’s accounts. My personal accounts drop too, since I invest the same way I coach my clients to invest. But spending countless hours in academic research gives me confidence that staying the course is the right thing to do.

The only real anxiety I get comes from concern that you – my clients, friends, a future client – might feel worried. I know it’s hard to ignore the noise, but that’s what it is – noise. If you need to talk through any feelings about the market, I’m a phone call/email/text away.

This, too, shall pass!

2019 for III Financial

This year involved considerable time and effort spent working behind the scenes. A high priority was making the “III Financial Experience” smooth and easy for my clients:

  • I’ve started doing more video calls to reduce your time commitment to meetings;
  • I’ve moved more forms from printable PDFs to fillable on-line; and
  • I’ve improved several other things that would likely bore you but excite me.

I’d love any feedback on what I can do to continue improving!

In 2019, I want to help many more recently divorced and widowed women. I’ll be using Facebook ads to gain more awareness and share information to those who want it. I’ll also be trying to meet other professionals who serve this important market. My goal with these efforts is to be helping 15-20 more women in the next year.

This will not only help my new clients, but my existing ones as well. The extra revenue will allow me to add some cool technology to add even more value to our work together!

Closing Thoughts

I hope that these last few days of the year grant you the ability to step back and take a breath. Whether it’s faith, family, friends, charitable causes, or any combination, I hope you go into 2019 at peace. Recharged. Ready to make 2019 a great year and one you’ll be proud to look back on in 12 months.

For me, I’m looking forward to visits from my sister, her son, and relatives from Georgia. I’m hoping to get my 16 year old up to the video arcade and geek out on old-school technology. I’ve committed to my 7 year old to spending time on Nintendo Wii Mario Cart unlocking some of his favorite characters. I’ll be in charge of turning a massive beef tenderloin into a tasty Christmas day meal. And in between, watching some college football bowl games would be nice.

Wishing you the best this season!

Elliott Weir, CFP

Elliott Weir, CFP

I work with recently widowed women looking for a different kind of relationship with a financial adviser. No products sold, no costs hidden, and no pressure for hasty decisions - all for a clearly disclosed fixed fee. For those women wanting the patient guidance of an experienced professional paid only to help them, III Financial offers a distinctive alternative to typical insurance agents, investment managers, and wealth managers.

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