Learning to Be a Peacock

Overcoming a personal challenge is the only way I can change the lives of others

The Art of “Peacocking”

My wife Carrie and I recently enjoyed a trip to Mexico for our 20th wedding anniversary. Along the beach were lots of vendors with something to sell. We laughingly described some of them as “peacocking” to stand out amongst the crowd. They made it a show – popping open then folding their shawls, piling onto their head all of the hats for sale, or even dangling a Spiderman action figure from a balloon that advertised parasailing.

I Am a Bad Peacock

The lesson I took away from watching these men and women…I have not made enough effort to “peacock” to you the work I do helping divorced and widowed women.

This has been a huge personal struggle. I’ve rarely brought up the subject of personal introductions. I don’t remind you that I am still accepting new clients. I’ve worried that asking would make you uncomfortable.

The result? There are women out there not getting the right financial help…women who are overwhelmed with financial decisions…women who could sleep better at night with the right game plan.

So Here Are Some Feathers

Most likely, the divorced and widowed women you know already have “a guy” (or “gal”). However, I designed III Financial to offer a VERY different experience from most financial advisors:

Will you consider changing the life of a family member or friend? Reasons for you to get involved, who might benefit from knowing about me, and how to make an effective introduction in 2 minutes (passing a name along doesn’t work) can be found on this Making Introductions page.

I may never be as good at getting attention as the Mexican beach vendors, but I aim to make sure the right women get the help they so desperately need.