Social Security Survivor Benefits – By The Numbers

social security survivor by the numbers

The Social Security survivor benefits program provides a lifeline to over 3 million Americans each year. Here are a few statistics that may surprise you about the survivor benefits program:


9 – months you need to have been married prior to your spouse’s death to qualify for survivor benefits. There are some exceptions for certain accidents and active military duty. (Source)


60 – age that survivors can begin to receive (reduced) survivor benefits. To receive full benefits, survivors can wait until their Full Retirement Age (FRA). NOTE: The FRA for survivors is DIFFERENT than the FRA for retirement benefits! (Source)


71.5 – percentage of full survivor benefit that a widow collects if they begin benefits at age 60. (Source)


97 – percentage of survivor beneficiaries that are female. (Source)


98 – percentage of children who have a parent die while they are young eligible to receive benefits. (Source)


If you want to learn more about the Social Security survivor benefits program, the Social Security website is the best place to start!

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